Green Gourmet Chicago

With Green Gourmet, we believe in using food to heal. Green Gourmet is a healthy meal delivery business serving Chicago and the Chicagoland region since 2010, and I'm their culinary nutritionist! Our nutritious, delicious, portion-controlled meals come fresh each day to your doorstep. Using food from nature, I create recipes and menus that nourish your body and provide sustained energy throughout the day, so you can work, exercise, and generally be present to do all you do each day. We deliver breakfast, lunch, dinner and a morning and afternoon snack each day, or any variation of this, and customize your meals so they help you meet your goals. Our clients enjoy our classic meals, balanced with 40% healthy carbs, 30% proteins and 30% healthy fats. Or they opt for a Paleo approach, with only animal proteins and veggies, flavored with herbs & spices. Or Vegetarian, or Pescatarian. Or Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, a Diabetic Plan, or one for new - or soon-to-be Moms. And we'll bring the best portion sizes to suit your needs.