Weight Loss 

Weight Management

Sometimes we feel like we're doing all the 'right things' and still we're stuck at an unhappy weight. With food and mindfulness, we'll explore the most efficient ways of arriving at. or maintaining, your natural weight.  


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What's the best way of eating for me? We'll look at your comfort foods, cravings, how animal protein, dairy, grains, sweets affects your energy and find the best solution.

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Perhaps the amount of what you're eating, or the ingredients are in the way of your goals? Dieting  is not the solution! 




Maybe it's your face-paced lifestyle? We don't digest well if eating when stressed. We'll explore mindfulness: how to de-stress at work, home, on the road... Breath work is often the key to revitalizing the body, increasing circulation to the organs and calming the nervous system.


The body is meant to move! Whether stretching, walking, yoga, swimming - with physical activity we feel better, sleep better, have more energy and are motivated to stay with our goals.